New Inspirations by GODI Bathroom


The New Art of Bathroom

Long story short, the vanities by GODI are by far the most lucrative and best designed on the market today.

With over 30 different vanity designs and over 20 materials to choose from, GODI Bathroom Vanities are unlike any other. The vibe and feel to the vanities comes from a story long told. Inspired by the Architect Antonio Gaudi, GODI recreates the wavy and unconventional design of his work into a work of art that can sit right in your bathroom.

Most of the bathroom vanities today are created to match contemporary designs. Straight out of the box, you get a box. Place the box in the corner and you make yourself counter space and the functionality of placing your toothbrush to its rightful place.

With GODI however, your design ideas are virtually endless. While there is no clear space for a toothbrush, the space is rather filled with the love and joy of bathroom. To create a sensational interior design, GODI invites you to pick the best of your imagination, and surround it with the privacy of your bathroom.

Located in Vaughan, Dezign Market is the official distributor of GODI Bathroom vanities. Dezign Market is known for dedicated commitment and trust, to distribute the best of vanity lines into the market, working directly with the manufacturing overseas, while providing warranty on its products.

Picking the best of bathroom vanities requires effort, and clear dedication. Unlike any other out there, GODI can be found in retail locations across the GTA and GMA. Visit website here to find out more about retail locations near you.

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