What Makes Bathroom High-End?


We’ve asked the professionals at Decoreno about what makes the bathroom high-end. The result we gotten are astonishing. If you’re wondering about the quality of high end bathrooms, check the five pointers below.

Space provides Utilitarian Room: Most bathrooms have smaller space than other areas of the house. This only means that larger bathrooms are considered luxurious or high end. This can be achieved by creating more space and removing visual clutter. You also need to select a monochromatic palette and use few luxurious qualities.

Light provides a Beautiful View: Similar to space, light is one of the important commodities which most bathrooms lack in supply. Having abundant lighting in the area is luxury. If you don’t have close neighbors and large windows, you can consider going stripped. If not, you can make use of window covering or sheers which let in more light. Those who don’t have any window or air shaft views can make use of lighting which mimic natural sunlight.

High end Bathroom uses Natural and Beautiful Materials on Walls and Floors: You can make use of teak, river rock, marble and granite since these can provide the luxury you desire. If you’re planning to renovate, you can invest in high quality natural materials since these are not only luxurious, but can also last for a long time without going out of style.

Texture makes you want to touch: Bear in mind that texture creates intimacy and comfort. This requires maintenance. Bathrooms are wet, steamy and warm. In short, this is not the most ideal condition for velvet curtains as well as sheepskin rugs. You need to consider varying textures such as rock or teak mat, plush bathrobes and towels to contrast stone floors.

Details that can personalize space include bronze statues, tufted-gold bathtubs, sofas and fireplaces. Remember that details don’t need to be over the top or large. Simple things can elevate your space and this includes tray candle, modern decorative store, some tea and book. Whatever definition of luxury you have in mind, you can re-create it in details to make your bathroom look high end and luxurious.

How to Pick your construction Materials

Before choosing materials for countertops and purchase for vanities, you need to have a well thought out plan for bathroom renovation. Make sure to identify priorities and goals using a bathroom goal worksheet and bathroom questionnaire. In addition, you must also have a crystal clear vision of look you want after exploring various layouts and designs.

Once done, you can start with the remodeling details. It’s highly recommended for you to select all finishes, fixtures and materials down to hardware before your project starts. Through this, you can have a realistic idea of the possible cost. This is essential since your budget can easily be out of hand. You must consider visiting “specialty design showrooms” for cabinets, floorings, lighting, plumbing and more to get a real feel of what’s available in the market. You can also get advice from people who work there to make your ideas more realistic. They can help you enhance and achieve your bathroom design goal.

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