12 steps to replacing your garage doors


How to Replace your Garage Doors

Your garage door is one of the most important parts in your home that must be maintained. This is because it served as your protection from all kinds of danger. That’s why it is important to give proper care and maintenance. Replacing it is one of the best ways to maintain it. Here is what D.G Garage Door Repair in Toronto have to say about replacing your garage doors.

Steps in Replacing your Garage Doors

Given are simple steps that you can follow to replace your garage doors the most effective way. These are as follow:

Get the Door Dimensions

Before you buy a garage door to be replaced, try to first measure the door, the width and the lower part.

Remove the Door Panels

After you get the measurement, you must take away the pin of a peak center prop. Expel the nuts from the fasteners on the top board. And then, take away the nuts at the highest point of the board.

Dismantle the Operator

Take away the laser sensor and the old door tracks, which keep the entryway from shutting. Take away the sections that hold the setup of the track. Separate the track from the sections that permit it to swing from the covering.

Set up the Frame

Before you start installing, verifying the new entryway is essential.

Intensity the New Door

Set the base of the new garage door to be replaced. And then, set it up that it verifies and complies with the concrete floor. Make use of a compass to verify it is separated perfectly. Interpret a line over the base to confirm where it should be cut out.

Install the Weather Strip and Affix the bend ranges to create the center

In order to finish the base section, install a weather strip with the use of stir up roofing nails. And when it comes to bend ranges, include an L and an R. This way, it is easy to install them on the side. Then, begin to create the center. It has all its number at the base.

Install the Rollers, Tracks and Mark the Center

Again, once the center for the base section is already in its area, install the rollers in each of the sides. Then, make use of a carpenter’s square in marking them all.

Next, attach the sections and lock the tracks

Set the sections and lock the tracks. Then, follow the instructions of the manufacture in gathering it all nearly.  Keep in mind to bring all the essential things that you need in the garage to avoid waste of time and hassle.

Installing of the End Bearing

The end bearing is where the tension rod spins and slides through. This is very easy to install.

Installing of Spring and Cable

In order to install the cable that can let the door pull up, affix it to the base section. At this point, tie up the cable all throughout the cable winder. And then, cover it all around.

Installation of the Operator holds up

You have to install the range to support the new operator. But, ensure that they are safe in an area. Affix the range to hold the spring in an area. Then, affix the rail of the operator to the range and build up the motor.

Lastly, you can already install the paint and trim.

As you have already learned the steps in replacing your garage doors, you may now replace your own garage door the right way.

If you’re having troubles replacing your garage doors, contact garage door repair company in the GTA for consultation and they can help you achieve your goals in a cost effective way.